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A solid performer with charismatic flair.

Rexton Design

Going all out to lead the segment. The Rexton is now safer, stronger, more spacious, and more stylish than ever. This New authentic SUV drives wonderfully, while the technology inside has reached new heights of sophistication for your convenience, enjoyment and protection.

Retaining the SUV legacy while creating a unique style.The Rexton’s shoulder-wing design of radiator grille and rugged front lines project the classic SUV look, while the dynamic character line along the sides add stately beauty.

The bold yet sophisticated feel is underscored by the front bumper outlined in chrome; the black, high-gloss skid-plate; and the side repeater and puddle lamp built onto the back of the side mirror.



Offering comfort and roominess to driver and passengers alike. Both seats in the first row are ventilated, while the seats in both the first and second rows are heated. Up to three different drivers can input their preferred settings for the driver’s seat and mirror positions, and both seats in front are power-adjustable. Legroom in the second row is outstanding, thanks to an optimized spatial design of the interior, and the second-row seats may be double folded to maximize cargo carrying capacity.

Hauling more without sacrificing passenger space. Rexton can fit four golf bags widthwise in the cargo bay, thereby leaving the 2nd row seats free for passengers to use. The driver with arms full may open the tailgate without putting the items down. Simply keep the smart key in a pocket and stand near the back of the vehicle for just three seconds and the tailgate will pop open automatically.

The Rexton is powered by a 2.2L diesel engine or 2.0 petrol turbo engine and features enhanced independent rear suspension for superior handling and ride quality. Normally the vehicle runs in rear-wheel drive, which enhances handling stability by optimising weight distribution, but the driver is free to select one of two four-wheel drive modes as needed (Diesel only). The Rexton can also tows loads of up to 3,500kgs, the most for this class of SUV (Diesel only). The Rexton Petrol can tow loads up to 2,800kgs.

APPLYING THE MOST ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL High-density, high-tensile-strength steel plate makes up 81.7% of all the steel plate used in the Rexton’s body, providing superb rigidity and protection against deformation in a collision. As such, the safe space within the cabin has been maximised.

KEEPING BOTH NOISE AND ENERGY OUTSIDE THE CABINThe Rexton’s body is mounted on the new-concept ‘Quad Frame,’ which blocks most of the noise from the road surface and engine. The frame has been engineered specifically to minimse the possibility of injury to vehicular occupants in a collision.

Crash zone box The ‘crash zone’ refers to that part of frame that conveys the most shock from a frontal collision to the inside of the cabin. This ‘box’ is designed to absorb that force, thereby protecting the people inside.


Displaying a distinctive look in the back. The spoiler with high mounted auxiliary stop light highlights the Rexton’s sportiness while improving safety, and the rear combination lamps are laid out horizontally to project width and a more imposing image from behind. A strip of chrome moulding crosses the tailgate center for added refinement, and the muffler has been hidden to enhance the overall simplicity of the rear design.  The license plate illuminated by LED lights and the clean sill doors provide the perfect finishing touches to the exterior.


Using quality materials that set the cabin apart. The seats are ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of each body, thereby mitigating feelings of fatigue on long trips. They are covered in incredibly soft and relaxing Nappa leather that has been elegantly quilted. The interior ambience is further enhanced by the illuminated front door scuff, and lamps built into the instrument panel and door trim to create a subtle ambient light at night.

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